Sunset Dobermans

Dedicated to the TOTAL Doberman: in mind, in body and in temperament ..... since 1991

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All Sunset puppies are:

  •     HOME RAISED in a loving/caring environment by a breeder who is a Licensed Veterinary Professional since 1995. 
  •     Fed only the best products in puppy nutrition for proper puppy development.
  •     Well socialized, handled from birth extensively.
  •     Introduced to a puppy agility style playground starting at 6 weeks of age for increased puppy confidence and outgoing puppy personalities.
  •     Crate trained and introduced to dremmeling of toe nails from 3 weeks on.
  •     Medicated at least 3 times for all intestinal parasites.
  •     Free of all external parasites including fleas, ear mites, ticks, ringworm, etc.
  •     Vaccinated according to current AVMA recommendations until date of release.
  •     Accompanied by a full one year health guarantee with a written bill of sale agreement/contract.
  •     Cropped by a licensed veterinarian under general anesthesia at about 7 weeks with postings to follow when ears are healed.
                                                      (Note:  All aftercare including wraps for 4-6 months is included as distance permits)

                                                                          ..........We DO NOT place uncropped puppies.......

  •     Released to new puppy parents once ears are HEALED with sutures out and in their first wraps.(this is at about 10-11 weeks of age)
  •     Micro-chipped during cropping with AVID chip for permanent identification.
  •     Accompanied by a detailed information packet containing puppy instructions, pedigrees, photos of parents/grandparents.
  •     Accompanied by vaccination information, detailed wellness materials and complete puppy parent health testing results.
  •     Sold on Spay/Neuter contract with LIMITED/NON BREEDING AKC registration papers.  (companion puppies)
  •     of DPCA allowed colors.  We do not carry the W (white) factor gene or endorse the breeding of Albino Dobermans.
  •     Returnable to the breeder at any time if you become unable to keep your dog for any reason. 
  •     Backed by a breeder who is extremely interested in the well being and happiness of your new family member for his/her entire life.  
  •     placed with new puppy parents who are pre-approved by an application and home interview process.