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Dedicated to the TOTAL Doberman: in mind, in body and in temperament ..... since 1991

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Our 4th Generation AKC Champion!!

 .......when it appears past events are replaying,

repeating or re-occuring, one experiences a little
AKC CH Sunset Gotta B DeJavu
DOB  04/11/09


Breeder/Owner/Handler:  Dawn D Danner
#7 red bitch, carries no dilution
For DeJavu's Pedigree  CLICK HERE
Hips OFA Good DP-14564G41F-VPI

Elbows OFA Normal DP-EL2024F41-VPI

Normal Heart ultrasound by boarded cardiologist December 2012 DP-CA968/43F/C-VPI with Baseline started at 2yrs of age

Normal Holter 11/12 Alba Medical

Thyroid and Liver panels Normal

vWD Carrier by parentage

Full and proper dentition

WSU DCM Genetic Test: Heterozygous

#7 Red, carries no dilution
DeJavu's Brags:
  • 1st weekend out = WB/BOW from 6-9 month puppy class owner handled by Dawn!
  • Winners Bitch Longview Kelso Kennel Club  Mr Warren Hudson 09/2010
  • Back to Back Winners Bitch Eugene Kennel Club weekend 9/2010
  • DPCA Regional 12-18 month bitch class, 2nd placement
  • DPCA National 12-18 month bitch class, 4th placement
  • Back to Back Winners Bitch Rogue Valley Kennel Club Weekend 11/2010
  • RWB and Winners Bitch from Open AOAC Linn County KC 02/11
  • RWB and Winners Bitch from BBE Mt Baker Kennel club under Mrs Denise Dean
  • 1st Major under breeder judge Dr MiMi Brown from Bred By Exhibitor class Puyallup Dog Fanciers June 2011, 11pts and counting
  • RWB 5pt Major Portland Kennel Club July 2011
  • WB/BOW and Best Bred by Vancouver KC 2011 2pts, looking for that second Major to cross the finish line
  • BOB From the classes over specials 5 point major win finish
  • AKC Ch DejaVu completely finished breeder/owner handled
  • Whelped her first litter of all black puppies sired by Alfred 03/05/13


puppy perfect at 9wks

Look for us starting Jan 2010
9 months old Rose City Classic Dog Show ringside candid
kisses anyone, the judge isn't looking.......
11months old 
Reserve Winner Bitch from 9-12 under Mrs Kim Meredith
Breeder/Owner/Handled by Dawn
A day at the beach, Netarts OR..........Doberman style
 Got bones??
Back to Back Winners Bitch Rogue Vally Kennel club
Breeder/Owner/Handled by Dawn
Judge  Dr Gerard Penta
Simply Stunning!
 Winners Bitch Linn County Kennel Club 02/11
Breed/Owner/Handled by Dawn
Judge:  Mrs Gloria Kerr
DeJavu will be 2yrs old in April 2011
Winners Bitch Mt Baker Kennel Club 05/11
Breed/Owner/Handled by Dawn from Bred By Exhibitor class
Judge:  Mrs Denise Dean
2yrs old
A picture is worth a thousand words.......
Winners Bitch MAJOR ENTRY  Puyallup Valley Dog Fanciers 06/2011
from Bred By Exhibitor Class
Breeder/Owner/Handled By Dawn
Breeder Judge:  Dr Mary-Helene (Mimi) Brown
Our Journey down this path together has been life changing............thank-you Vu!
Winners Bitch/Best of Winners 2pts
Best Bred By Exhibitor
Judge:  Mrs Chris Walkowicz
Breeder/Owner/Handled by Dawn

Starting off the New Year Right at Rose City Classic 2012


Finishing Day - Winners Bitch from Bred by

Best of Winners

Best Bred by


Best of Breed From the Classes over Specials

5 Point Major Win Finish!

Icing on the cake......

Working Group 4

Thank you Dr. Gerald Penta for always finding her

Once again proving you CAN do it Breeder/Owner/Handled with a GREAT DOG!

ON to OUR NEXT EPIC Adventure!!! 


We are very excited to announce DeJavu is expecting March 2013 sired by


For Alfred's Pedigree CLICK HERE


Alfred's health stats:

Hips OFA GOOD        DP-14490G24M-PI

Normal Heart Ultrasound 06/12 by boarded Cardiologist

Normal Holter 06/12 by Alba Medical

Thyroid and Liver panels Normal

vWD Clear


Full and Proper dentition


#1   Dominate Black, Carries no Dilution

DOB 06/27/2010


How many puppies do you see? 

NEWS FLASH:Alfred & DeJavu's  Litter Born March 5th 2013


5 Black Dogs: Blue/drk Green/Red/Orange/White  Collars

2 Black Bitches: Yellow/Pink and Red/Purple Collars

.....Looking for that "Epic" Black Dog to live here at Sunset......

2013 NorthWest Theme Litter:




New Born Puppies!


2 Days Old

Blue collar Boy/Red collar Girl/Red Collar Boy


4 days old

Belly up to the 24hr Milk Bar.......


The Boys on a Lazy Sunday afternoon .... 5 days old



Yellow Collar and Blue Collar ....5 Days old

Kisses to brother..... 7 days old


10 days old and eyes just about open.............

19 days old........





Happy Easter....................

what's in your basket?

4 weeks old..........





5 weeks...................


6 weeks....................



7 weeks.............



8 - 10 weeks........................



and as we round this corner ......

your journeys have JUST begun with your new families.............

-in Chicago IL for Mia (purple collar) with Dan/Maya/Joshua Balys, Russell Urekar and Sierra 



-in Sherwood OR for Zeke (Lime Collar) with Jason/Jennifer/Sophie and Jack



-in Vancouver WA for Conner (dark green collar) with Bruce and Linell Arbuckle



-in Oregon City OR for River (blue collar) with Sherry Jester and Ray

Epic   River

-in Tigard OR for Aspen (pink collar) with Will/Kate Rasmussen and Alfred

  Alf     Aspen        


-and of course in Beaverton OR for Epic (red collar) with mama DeJavu and the Sunset gang


amazing puppies, Incredible parents..............that IS what its all ABOUT

A BIG thank-you to all my puppy parents for taking such great care of the kids, we couldn't do it without YOU!

22 years of devotion has brought us here today, enjoy!!