Sunset Dobermans

Dedicated to the TOTAL Doberman: in mind, in body and in temperament ..... since 1991

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Rollin Raji Drake Catch Phoenix Peter the Pug Nikon Merlin Walter Reggie Ruger MJ
 from the magical magnificent 7  litter
GCH Sunset Defender of Magic
DOB: 6-6-2017 
Owners:  Miles Teselle and Holly Hood

Breeders:  Dawn D Danner. Kathryn Rasmussem, and Faye Strauss

Co-Owner:  Dawn D Danner

Handler/Stud dog breeder:  Mary Leahy

for Reggi's pedigree click here

Full and Proper Dentition

vWD Carrier

DCM gene 1 Negative/DCM gene 2 Negative

Dings test: Negative

Black # 3 

Hips: DP-17514F25M-VPI

Thyroid: Normal 

Heart Echo/Holter: Mt Hood DPC June 2019

Genetic Coefficient of inbreeding (COI) 31.5%

Reggie's BRAGS:

-First time in the ring, Best in Show AKC Beginner Puppy Oct 2017

-First show in the regular classes:  3pt MAJOR from 6-9 month 

-WD 2pts during Rose City Classic 2018 from 6-9 month puppy dog class

-WD/BOW Chintimini KC March 2018 from 9-12 month puppy dog class: 3 pt Major from 9-12 month

-WD/BOW Olympia Dog Fanciers Association  2nd Major from 9-12 month puppy class

-BACK TO BACK Specialty majors MHDPC July 2018 under Breeder Judges for the finish at just 13 months of age

-Finished with FOUR MAJORS, 3 from Breed experts!  

-Reggie will be specialed sparingly as we get ready for the T20 year 2019

-FIRST DOG Award of Merit at the DPCA National Topeka Kansas 2019 among the best of the best!


Reggie's family.............
5 months old
What a head piece and dark eye! 

4-6 month class
October 2017
Winners DOG/Best of Winners  3pt major
from 6-9 month puppy class!
Breeder Judge:  John Schoenman
Winners Dog Tualatin Kennel Club 2pts 
from 6-9 month puppy class
During Rose City Classic 2018
Judge: Mr Bruce R Schwartz
Winners Dog/ Best of Winners from 9-12 month puppy class
Chintimini Kennel Club Albany OR
Judge: Mrs Stephanie Hamblin-BarnHill
Winners Dog/ Best of Winners/Best of Opposite 
from 9-12 month puppy class 2nd MAJOR
Olympia Dog Fanciers Assoc  Elma,  WA May 5 2018
Judge: Mr David Peat
 Mt HOOD DPC Specialties July 20th  2018
Winners Dog/ Best of Winners 
Mount Hood Doberman Pinscher Club AM Specialty
Stumptown Cluster, Portland OR USA
Breeder Judge: Ms Alisa Brotherhood
the only thing better than one specialty WIN  under a Breeder JUDGE IS  TWO on the same day!
Winners Dog/ Best of Winners/Best of Opposite over specials
Mount Hood Doberman Pinscher Club PM Specialty
Stumptown Cluster, Portland OR USA
Breeder Judge: Mrs Pat Hastings
Thank-you to all of Team Reggie for this magical ride to the finish line! 
Reggie is the first from the Vinny X Aspen litter to finish.  
First time show as a "move-up" Special
Select Dog, 4 GrandCH Points as a move-up
Portland Kennel Club, Stumptown Cluster
Portland OR USA
Breeder Judge:  John Schoenman
(who awarded Reggie his 1st major at his 1st show from 6-9)
Breeder/Co-owner/Handler:  Dawn D Danner 
First weekend out as Special 
Back   to   Back   to   Back   BEST OF BREED wins in Boise Idaho
Judges:  Mr James E Noe
Ms F Susan Godek
Mr Douglas R Holloway Jr (pictured)
Handler: Mary Leahy
Starting 2019 at Rose City Classic 
"Where Champions are MADE"
Best of Opposite Sex, NEW GRAND CHAMPION 
Judge:  Mr James Moses
Handler/Stud Dog Breeder:  Mary Leahy
DPCA National Topeka Kansas 2019
Competing against the BEST in the Country
FIRST Award of Merit DPCA National 2019
Breeder Judge:  Ms Terry Hundt
Handler/Stud Dog Breeder:  Mary Leahy 
The NW crew at the DPCA National Topeka Kansas 2019
Ringside candid December 2019
The look of EAGLES
Christmas 2019