Sunset Dobermans

Dedicated to the TOTAL Doberman: in mind, in body and in temperament ..... since 1991

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All passages take us on a journey...............


Baby Gracie's bodyguard

* * * * A S P E N * * * * 

7 months old at the National

CH Sunset NorthWest Passage V Sherluck 


Owners:  William and Kathryn Rasmussen

Co-Owners/Handlers:  Faye Strauss and Dawn D Danner

Breeder: Dawn D Danner 

for Aspen's Pedigree click here


Awesome Temperament with a natural show presence!


Full Dentition, even bite

DCM genetic Marker 1 Negative/ DCM genetic Marker 2 Negative

Black #3, carries no Dilution 

HIPS OFA GOOD DP-15831G32F-VPI November 10 2015

ELBOWS OFA Normal DP-EL2635F32-VPI November 10 2015

HEART Echo/Holter NORMAL by Cardiologist DP-ACA50/44F-VPI Advanced Cardiac Database w OFA Dec 2016

Heart Echo/Holter Normal by Cardiologist DP-ACA50/56F-VPI Advanced Cardiac Database w OFA Dec 2017

Heart Echo/Holter Normal by Cardiologist DP-ACA50/75F-VPI Advanced Cardiac Database w OFA June 2019

  • her very first dog show..........the DPCA National
  • WON the 6-9 Regional Sweepstakes class handled by Dawn
  • WON the 6-9 Black DPCA national class handled by Sara
  • RWB Longview Kelso Kennel Club Owner Handled by Kate! 
  • Back to Back to Back Winners Bitch Idaho Circuit October 2014 handled by Dawn
  • First Major during Rose City Classic "where Champions are made"..... 01/2015
  • singled out in very limited showing 
  • Back to Back Winners Bitch Stumptown cluster 7/2015
  • Finishing major during competitive Specialty weekend 8/2015
  • dam of the Magical Magnificent Seven born June 2017 and Crossed litter Nov 2019

3 days...what a cutie!!!!

3wks old

8wks old....


Little Aspen hanging out with her new  housemate..........her Dad

Alfred is the perfect babysitter!!!


DPCA NATIONAL!! Pomona CA 2013

6-9 BLACK Bitch Class

Breeder Judge:  Mr Phillip Martin 

Handler:  Sara Lopez

After some time to grow UP  --  Aspen hit the ring late summer 2014

Reserve Winners Bitch

Longview Kelso Kennel Club August 2014

Judge:  Mrs Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna

Owner/Handler:  Kate Rasmussen

First Road trip with OMA

Idaho Circuit DAY ONE!

Winners Bitch from BBE  1pt

Idaho Capital City Kennel Club October 2014

Judge: Mrs Ken Murray

Handler/Breeder:  Dawn D Danner

(Aspen brother EPIC Winners Dog/Best of Winners same day)

Idaho Circuit Day 2

Winners Bitch from BBE 1pt

Idaho Capital City Kennel Club Oct 2014

Judge:  Mr Bill Shelton

Handler/Breeder: Dawn D Danner

Idaho Circuit DAY 3!!

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners from BBE 1pt

Lizard Butte Kennel Club Oct 2014

Judge:  Mrs Annella Cooper

Handler/Breeder:  Dawn D Danner

Aspen and Dawn 

Starting 2015 at Rose City Classic shows  "WHERE CHAMPIONS ARE MADE" with Oma and and Mary


Winners Bitch/Best of Winners 3pts

Tualatin Kennel Club 01/15/2015

Judge:  Mr James A Moses

Handler:  Mary Leahy

Chintimini Kennel Club 03/28/2015

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners 2pts

Judge:  Dr Niksa Lemo

Handler:  Mary Leahy

Walla Walla Kennel Club 04/25/2015

Winners Bitch/Best of Winners 1pt

Judge:  Mrs Lawrence J (Janet) Sinclair

Handler:  Mary Leahy

StumpTown Cluster Portland Oregon Day 1

Portland Kennel Club 07/18/2015

Winners Bitch 2pts

Judge: Mr Robert J Shreve

Handler:  Mary Leahy

StumpTown Cluster Portland Oregon Day 2

Portland Kennel Club 07/19/2015

Winners Bitch 2pts

Judge: Mr Joe Lobb

Handler:  Mary Leahy

Aspen shared the winners circle on her finishing day with her litter brother River !!  

Crossing the finish line in short order and in style!

Olympic Kennel Club 08/15/2015

Winners Bitch 4pt Major

Judge: Mrs Paula Nykiel

Handler:  Mary Leahy

You finished so fast sweet Aspen. Our time spent on the road was always a joy!  Every weekend out you always brought home the win and earned your frappuccino! 

Thank-you Team Aspen:  Wil/Kate, Mary, and Faye  for Sunset CH #12!  Aspen is a consecutive 5th generation AKC Champion!

Thank-you Aspen for giving us the magical magnificent SEVEN in 2017

Breeders left to right:  Kate Rasmussen , Dawn Danner and Faye Strauss

Merlin, Ruger, Reggie and Walter

Abbi, Alice and Magic

All Seven are in show homes to complete their AKC CH Titles!

The Magnificent seven with Dawn Danner with Reggie/Abbi, Mary Leahy (stud dog owner) with Magic/Ruger/Walter, John Sanders with Merlin/Alice and Uncle Cross